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 You are invited to participate in the Southern Idaho Business Survey and Needs Assessment. The information we are gathering will be utilized by the Idaho SBDC and your Chamber of Commerce to gauge the issues and concerns of local businesses and individuals. The Idaho SBDC is working to better serve you through our no-cost business consulting; as well as seminars, conferences and short courses tailored to meet the assessed needs of our business community. Our goal is to help you raise your level of knowledge and business skills and make more informed business decisions. We are here to help you, work not just IN your business but ON your business. Please complete the survey tool below and submit, knowing all information is voluntary and held in confidence. Survey results will be available from the Idaho SBDC office in the Evergreen Building, Room C77; on the beautiful campus of the College of Southern Idaho. Call us to make an appointment to discuss and/or receive a copy of these business survey results. Our Business is Your Success! Thank you in advance!  

  Please rank your choices accordingly below; with 1 being the least important and 5 being the most important.
Please select all that apply.
No Direct Cost Business Consulting          
Feasibility Study          
Loan Preparation & Information          
Business Plan          
Marketing Plan          
Business Research          
LEAN / Efficiency Consulting          
Business Mentoring Program (Mentor or Mentee)          
Please select all that apply

Only select those you utilize for business and professional needs. We are gauging your interest in and desire for training in Social Media as a business marketing & networking tool.

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